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Booking the Exhibit

Speedway to Healthy was designed to serve the children of North Carolina. Schools or organizations can book Speedway to Healthy by contacting the 4-H Youth Development or Family and Consumer Sciences agent at their local North Carolina Cooperative Extension Center.  See the map below to find an agent.

What are the hosting requirements for Speedway to Healthy?

  • A minimum of 300 students is required to book the exhibit.
  • The school or organization must identify an exhibit coordinator to work with their local Extension agent.
  • The local school or organization must sign an exhibit use agreement and provide liability insurance.
  • The Speedway to Healthy exhibit requires a minimum of 35 feet by 45 feet and must be assembled indoors without dirt floors (e.g., school gym).
  • The site host will need to recruit volunteers:
    • 15 volunteers to assemble and disassemble the exhibit. (Assembly and disassembly take 4-8 hours.)
    • 12-24 volunteers per day to run the Speedway to Healthy exhibit pit stops. 
  • Permission slips are required for participation, and deidentified demographic information is collected for funding purposes.
  • The host of a Speedway to Healthy event assumes sole responsibility for any damage or injury caused by the assembly, disassembly, or use of the exhibit.

Contact Your Extension Agent to Get Started

Cooperative Extension serves all 100 North Carolina counties. For more Extension offices, go to