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The Office of International Affairs greatly appreciates N.C. A&T Faculty and Staff who support our efforts in creating global experiences for our students. Our RESPONSIBILITY is to prepare global citizens with EXCELLENCE, INTEGRITY, and INCLUSIVENESS while they LEARN valuable cultural skills that will cultivate them personally and professionally.


We encourage faculty and staff to learn more about N.C. A&T international opportunities and our policies and procedures for participation.

We invite all faculty and staff to get involved in building our capacity to graduate students from N.C. A&T with outstanding international experience.

Some of the suggested ways to get involved are:

  • Professional Development
  • Internationalizing the Curriculum
  • Faculty/Staff-Led Short Term Programs
  • Serving on Committees
  • Promoting International Activities on campus

The best way to advertise is by word of mouth. The Office of International Affairs is asking faculty to frequently mention study abroad events and opportunities. 

Ways that you can assist the office 
  • Request a presentation for your class.  Use this link to pick a time and day Classroom Presentation
  • Promote study abroad opportunities by encouraging students to visit OIA Page

Choosing a study abroad program is not always easy for some students, and in many cases, several students are unaware that these opportunities exist. The Office of International Affairs encourages academic advisors to help students identify international programs that fit within their major or minor. All Global Experiences are impact and transformative; with your assistance, we can graduate students with global credentials and a varied global perspective; your guidance is essential to all students considering opportunities abroad. 

Course Approval Process

Students who participate in study abroad opportunities at a host University or through one of our providers will receive transfer credits. All students must receive the equivalent of a C or better to receive credit. 

Pre-Approval Form

Each student who has applied or is accepted to an abroad program must meet with their advisor for credit approval.  Each student will present the Permission Form to take courses at another institution to his or her advisor; this form should be completed by the faculty and student.  Once completed a copy remains in the Office of International Affairs. 


Any student interested in studying or interning abroad must adhere to the deadlines.

Fall and Summer Programs - March 15

Spring Programs - October 15

Types of Study Abroad Opportunities
  1.  Direct Provider Programs - Students have the opportunity to visit an international university for a summer, semester, or a full academic year with one of our providers.  As a visiting student abroad, they will not pay N.C. A&T tuition and fees, however, they can use their financial aid to pay the provider for their global experience.  
  2. Student Exchange - N.C. A&T has established a relationship with a few universities abroad.  This experience allows an international student to come to N.C. A&T and one of our students will attend that students' university abroad.  This exchange allows N.C. A&T students to pay their tuition here at N.C. A&T for the exchange student and the exchange student will do the same.  
  3. Faculty-Led  - N.C. A&T Faculty provides global experiences for N.C. A&T students.  Faculty from different departments create fall, spring, and summer break cultural enrichment programs throughout the world.  

 Travel Warning, Advisory, and Alerts Policy

The Travel Alert System established by the U.S. Department of State supersedes any decision previously made by the university to approve travel to a location with a newly issued travel alert beyond level one (1) or two (2).  Students are not allowed to travel on any Level three (3) or four (4) countries. 

If you are interested in developing a faculty-led program, please contact the Office of International Affairs.

Please contact Deana Brim, Assistant Director for Study Abroad


Office: 336-285-2602