International Travel Routing

Checklist for Individual/Business Related International Travel

To avoid delays, international travel should be submitted for pre-approval in the Office of International Affairs Travel Registry at least forty-five (45) business days in advance of the planned departure date. Final approval of international travel will be determined by the traveler's Immediate Supervisor, College Dean, or respective Vice Chancellor as the Chancellor's designee in ChromeRiver.

International Travel Checklist

  1. Traveler should discuss and share their travel plans with their Immediate Supervisor (e.g. Chair) and Second-Level Supervisor (e.g. Dean).
  2. Traveler must submit travel in the Office of International Affairs Travel Registry
  3. Travel-related materials such as the Presentation Acceptance/Invitation Letter, Conference or Program Agenda must be uploaded (required documents are listed in the registry). 
  4. OIA reviews the travel submission within three (3) business days.  
  5. Upon approval from OIA, the traveler will receive an automated email from the travel registry.
  6. A copy of the approval must be downloaded from the travel registry and uploaded for Pre-Approval routing in Chrome River.
  7. Each applicable approver has three (3) business days to approve the travel request.
  8. Upon approval in Chrome River, the traveler may book travel arrangements. 
  9. The traveler must update the travel registry with exact flight and loging information and upload confirmation of international health insurance. 
  10. Upon travel completion, the traveler uploads their actual expense report into Chrome River.
  11. The traveler is reimbursed.