International Travel

North Carolina A&T State University International Travel Policy

Any University Affiliated International Traveler (faculty, staff, administrator, others with MOUs or Affiliated agreements) or student proposing to undertake International Travel on behalf of North Carolina A&T State University must follow the appropriate approval and travel security requirements set forth in the international travel policy.  The international travel policy applies to all traveling internationally, Hawaii, Alaska and the US territories including but not limited to the following purposes of: attending or participating at international conferences; international research, teaching, and administrative travel, with or without students; study abroad; internships; exchange programs; student group travel to enhance university business or programs with or without students; study abroad; internships; exchange programs; faculty led study abroad and research activity programs; and any other university affiliated international travel organized under the University auspices. The international travel policy does not apply to travel for purposes of personal vacation, pleasure, personal study for faculty, staff, or students, or affiliate who conduct personal work outside the scope of the University Affiliated international travel.  

International Travel Policy Purpose

Purpose: To ensure University Affiliated International Travel - travel using the name of North Carolina A&T State University and involving its faculty, staff, administrators, students and others affiliated with the University are properly identified and registered with the Office of International Affairs (OIA) for safety, security, and reporting. 

International Travel Submission

Travelers must submit international travel in the Office of International Affairs Travel RegistryThe Travel Registry is a secure system for faculty, staff, students, and other university affiliates to enter international travel information. All travelers going abroad on university-affiliated international travel business must submit their travel through this system. Travelers will login using their OneID credentials. 

  1. Upon the Office of International Affairs approving travel in the registry, confirmation of approval must be downloaded from the travel portal and uploaded as an attachment into Chrome River for expense pre-approval processes.
  2.  After pre-approval in Chrome River, please follow the next steps in the travel registry. 

Student travelers must follow a different set of protocols that can be found in section Education Abroad.

To learn more about submitting your international travel, please review our training: 

  Navigating the OIA Travel Registry (Passcode: &M4+%Up$)

Please contact Kimberly Tyson, or Deana Brim, with your travel registry questions.