Below are the approved fonts for North Carolina A&T. Within the CMS the content owners will have the ability to add styled fonts in the main content area of the page within WYSIWYGs.

Available in: All WYSIWYG style dropdown menus.

Rendered HTML

Montserrat Italic

Montserrat Black Italic

Montserrat Bold

Montserrat Bold Italic

Montserrat Semi-Bold

Montserrat Semi-Bold Italic

Montserrat Medium

Montserrat Medium Italic

Montserrat Regular

Montserrat Regular Italic

Alfon Bold

Alfon Bold Italic

HTML Source

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<span class="montserrat-black">Montserrat Italic</span>
<span class="montserrat-black-italic">Montserrat Black Italic</span>
<span class="montserrat-bold">Montserrat Bold</span>
<span class="montserrat-bold-italic">Montserrat Bold Italic</span>
<span class="montserrat-semi-bold">Montserrat Semi-Bold</span>
<span class="montserrat-semi-bold-italic">Montserrat Semi-Bold Italic</span>
<span class="montserrat-medium">Montserrat Medium</span>
<span class="montserrat-medium-italic">Montserrat Medium Italic</span>
<span class="montserrat-regular">Montserrat Regular</span>
<span class="montserrat-regular-italic">Montserrat Regular Italic</span>
<span class="alfon-bold" >Alfon Bold</span>
<span class="alfon-bold-italic" >Alfon Bold Italic</span>