A video can be added and when clicked it will pop-up in a lightbox. Within the CMS the content owners will have the ability to include a YouTube video in the main content area of the page within columns, galleries and WYSIWYGs.

The image dimensions for this design are:

  • Gateway: 1 Column min-width: 1,800 pixels, 2 or 3 Column min-width: 877 pixels
  • Universal: 1 Column min-width: 1,398 pixels, 2 or 3 Column min-width: 683 pixels

Available in: Home, Gateway, Universal, Department and News Article pages.

Rendered HTML

HTML Source

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<div class="col4 video">
    <div class="videoContent">
        <a href=";" class="popupYoutube">
          <div class="ctaCircleBtn">
              <div class="ctaCircle">
                <img class="playIcon" alt="play video" src="/_global/images/play-arrow-white.svg" />
          <img alt="Video title" src=" 1800px" />