Faculty Compensation Study
Executive Summary
February 15, 2024 

In recent years, the University of North Carolina System has examined employee compensation, which led to salary adjustments for SHRA and EHRA employees, as well as Legislative Salary Increases.  In Fall of 2022, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University examined its compensation of faculty in partnership with The Segal Group, a leading independent firm specializing in benefits and human resources consulting since 1939. The primary goals of the salary study were to: 

  • create a Total Compensation Philosophy;
  • conduct a market analysis of the salaries of 9-month tenured and tenure track faculty;
  • compare the salaries to a customized peer group and to UNC System Group 2 salaries (Appalachian State, ECU, UNCC, UNCG, UNCW);
  • adjust salaries to bring as many eligible faculty as possible to the market median.

Our Total Compensation Philosophy aligns with A&T Preeminence 2030 and supports the University’s commitment to advance the human condition and facilitate economic growth through transformative engagement, leadership and innovation, excellence in performance, collaboration and inclusion, and responsive and impactful scholarship. 

Our faculty and staff are the cornerstone of our University, and we strive to provide them with a holistic compensation and benefits package that is fair, market-competitive, and equitable to help us attract, engage, and retain extraordinary talent. The total compensation program reflects the culture and climate of our institution and the University’s commitment to support and motivate its employees.

We strive to have clear communication of the Total Compensation program and its administration and application across the University. Our compensation and benefits program will be financially sustainable and compliant, as appropriate, with the UNC System and all applicable federal, state, and local laws.

Pay governance rests with the Chancellor and Cabinet to approve and endorse total compensation and strategies. Human Resources and Academic Affairs will administer, communicate, review, maintain and update salary ranges, tools and resources as needed.

The N.C. A&T project team worked with The Segal Group to create a custom peer group using IPEDS data and selected attributes. These attributes included public (vs. private), Carnegie classification (R1, R2), tuition and fees, core revenue, total research and participation in CUPA-HR annual reporting. A group of 44 aspirational and comparable peers was developed and the 11 Board of Governors-approved peers. The UNC Group 2 was used in the comparative analysis. Comparisons were made using CIP codes. A separate analysis was conducted for Library Services faculty using comparable CUPA job codes. Findings revealed that, when compared to the UNC Group 2 institutions, faculty salaries at North Carolina A&T were 94% of the market median overall; varying between colleges at a range of 87% (COST) and 112% (JSNN). Assistant professor salaries were 98% of the market median, while associate and full professor salaries were 93% of the market median for UNC Group 2. Institutional funds to adjust salaries totaled $3.7M. Based on study findings, Deans of each college/school were provided with a budget to adjust faculty salaries using data-informed decisions. Sixty-six percent (66%) of tenured and tenure-track faculty received increases. Salary adjustments will be reflected in the February payroll.

As NC A&T continues its commitment to fair, equitable and market-competitive compensation, salary reviews and analyses will continue periodically. We will continue to examine faculty and staff salaries, with the next phase of analysis comprising department chairs (March 2024), as well as non-tenure track faculty (professional track) and part-time faculty. 

A summary and report of findings were shared broadly at a virtual faculty senate meeting and also shared at an in-person university faculty forum held on February 7, 2024. For further information, including a slide presentation and FAQs, please see click here.

As we continue to align with our strategic plan, Preeminence 2030: North Carolina A&T Blueprint, NC A&T is committed to facilitating and supporting an elite workforce.