General Education Resources

The general education curriculum at NC A&T State University (beginning fall, 2016) includes eight student learning outcomes:

  • Written Communication
  • Mathematical, Logical, and Analytical Reasoning
  • Scientific Reasoning
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Humanities and Fine Arts
  • Knowledge of African-American Culture and History
  • Global Awareness
  • Student Success

Additional information about these learning outcomes is provided in the Guide to General Education Student Learning Outcomes.

Current General Education Course List

Wondering which courses meet general education requirements? View/download the current general education course list.

Assessment - General Education Courses

General education course coordinators: Access the online General Education Course Assessment Report.

Adding Courses to the General Education Course List

Interested in having one or more of your courses added to the general education course list?  Consult the process for requesting courses to be added to the general education course list and then complete the appropriate general education course list addition forms.

General Education Review Task Force Summary Report (August 2012)

Want to review the process leading up to the new general education curriculum? View/download a comprehensive summary of General Education Review Task Force activities (from its creation in September, 2010 through May, 2012) and related resources.


Contact Dr. Jason DePolo (, Chair, General Education Committee