Executive Advisory Board

The Executive Advisory Board is critical to the success of the Center. Its members provide valuable counsel and external perspective to the Center Director and use their influence and resources to promote the Center’s activities. These entrepreneurs, innovators, and industry professionals serve as advocates for the Center and assist the Director in securing support for its initiatives.

 Nick Piornack 
General Manager 
Revolution Mill 

Anthony Goins 
Nebraska Dept. of Economic Development

James “Smitty” Smith  
President & CEO 
Dejas Management (dba) 

Janice Bryant Howroyd 
Founder & CEO 
ActOne Group

Brunson Cooper 
Director & Owner 
Corenic Construction Group 

Manwell Bynum 
President & CEO 
Connectivity Concepts 

John Englar 
Retired Attorney 

Sonja Hines 
President, CEO & Owner 
H&S Resources Corporation (dba) 
Akata Global 

James H. Sills, III 
President & CEO 
M&F Bank 

Darryl Klugh 
Axis Engineering