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Advisory Boards

Our Industry Advisory Boards play a critical role in our accreditation processes, fundraising events and providing job and internship opportunities for our students.

Please contact Alesia Ferguson, the Department Chair if you wish to join one of our advisory board,

Contact Dr. Shofoluwe of NCAT University ( for more information on joining our prestigious board.

Construction Management Advisory Board: 2024 External Members


Company Name

Veilka Barber DPR Construction
Gregory Cody GCC Enterprises Inc.
Eddie Bryant J. E. Dunn Construction
Jermaine Barnes Messer Construction
T.J Baker, Brian Sampson, Ken Grube Samet
Jeff Guernier, Kerrick Bryant True Homes
Pat Porter Old Castle
Robert Marshall Long Fellow
Raymond Vaughn, Ariel Woodson Ryan Companies
William Cockerham, Samuel Bush W.C. Construction
Michael Watkins Procon Consulting
Brian Hamilton Robins & Morton
Jamal Mention Advance Catastrophe Technologies (ACT)
Valarie DePass Weavercooke Construction
Kerry Smalls Turner Construction
Osjale' Moorman Whiting-Turner Contracting
Jennifer Knight EAS Companies

Contact Dr. DongYang Deng of NCAT University ( for more information on joining our prestigious board.

EHS Advisory Board: 2024 External Members



Angela Davis ITG Brands
Benita Byrd BP
Rhonda Hunt Michelin North America
Glenn Clapp NC State
Gardner Tabon Capital Metro Transportation Authority
William Hilton Disney
Kahil Allen ADS System Safety Consulting, LLC
Emily Scofield Barringer Construction
David Burns Hartford
Cody Berezny Jacobs Engineering
Kevin Jones NC DOT
Alvester Lynch NC A&T State University Safety Office


WHY EHS?! Advisory Board Quotes

Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) professionals are needed because they protect people, property, and the environment.  In an occupational setting, they enable organizations to conduct business free from recognized hazards that cause or are likely to cause death or serious physical harm.  Additionally, EH&S professionals enable organizations to conduct business in an environmentally sustainable manner.  Ultimately, EH&S professionals value influencing people to work safer, which has a positive impact on the organization's culture.  

Darius (Director, Environmental Health & Safety)


EHS professionals keep our business operating in a safe, compliant, and environmentally-responsible manner.  We leverage our unique technical expertise in collaboration with all functional areas to achieve business objectives.

Benita (Senior Director, Global EHS)


EHS professionals are an important part of this industry where we identify hazards, assess the likelihoods and consequences of those hazards (risks), prioritize the risks, select and implement the appropriate controls to reduce the risk.  Additionally, within this industry, there are many occupational health and safety and environmental requirements that must be addressed.  To outline what this entails, we will trace the specimen from the patient specimen collection to the laboratory for processing, ultimately leading to disposal of that specimen.

Nelson (Manager Enterprise EHS - Clinical Laboratory Industry)


The reason EH&S professionals are needed in the manufacturing industry is to protect the organization’s number one asset – human capital.

Ronald Graves Poiema Leadership Institute & The John Maxwell Team)


EH&S professionals are necessary to ensure all EH&S domains (Safety, Ergonomics, Fire, Security, Environment, Medical and Industrial Hygiene) are under control for all facilities, employees, product, customers, and communities in which we are present.

Rhonda (Michelin North America Zone – Supply Chain Department)


As an EH&S professional you get to raise awareness and bridge the gap from the CEO to the front line worker, learning every aspect of the business. As a safety professional in the insurance industry, you get to do this for hundreds of companies, and provide impactful analysis that helps those businesses control loss. Technology plays an important role in reducing losses and as an insurance safety professional, you will be presented the opportunity to utilize the newest hardware, software and artificial intelligence, to help ensure the safety and health of employees and their environment.  The insurance industry relies on safety professionals to analyze the type of risk they have before they extend millions of dollars in coverages, and then rely on them to manage relationships and mitigate losses through consultation.

 Karyn (Hartford Group-Risk Engineering)


I graduated from NC A&T back in May 2019. Since then I have worked in GA doing construction safety before returning to NC as an employee of Jacobs Technology in the role of an Occupational Safety Coordinator contractor to the EPA. Some of my daily tasks can range from ensuring all employees are caught up with their medical physicals, to overseeing confined space entries, to reviewing Health & Safety Plans for each project that is about to start to ensure that all safety aspects have been addressed. I have always been a hands on person but have understood that physical labor can go only so far before it takes a toll on your body that is why I decided to go back to school and make the career change that not only allows me to be out in the field but at the same time allows me to work without the extreme physical stain that HVAC work can put on oneself.

Cody (Occupational Health and Safety Coordinator at Jacobs Technology - EPA RLS)

Contact Dr. Jerry Nave of NCAT University ( for more information on joining our prestigious board.

Geomatics Advisory Board: 2024 Members


Company Name

Ed Spitler Sandhills CC
Jason Hedley

Jefferson Canoy

TI Coastal Services, Inc

Gary Thompson

NC Geodetic Survey

Frank Mundy Stewart Engineering
Peter Brennan City of Wilmington
Bob Akers Avio Images
Brad Phillips Davis, Martin and Powell
Cory George Pilot Surveying and Engineering, PC
Hope Morgan AECOM
David Lee ESP Associates
Peggy Fersner Retired
Leila Hashemi Beni NCAT
Andrew Lassiter NCAT
Abdella Salem NCAT
Alesia Ferguson NCAT