About Us

The Vision of the Department of Biology is to be a premier science department, advancing students with graduate and professional degrees towards successful careers in the biological sciences. The Mission of the Department of Biology is to train students in biological research, and professional health and other science careers through innovative teaching, research engagement, mentoring, and enrichment opportunities to produce competent, competitive, and confident leaders in the global scientific community. Specifically, its programs are designed to enhance the intellectual and creative abilities of all individuals that it serves by fostering lifelong learning, inquiry, and self-evaluative leadership.

The Department of Biology was first organized as an academic unit in 1929, and has had robust involvements in the research and teaching mission of the university. Currently, the Department of Biology has active offerings in terms of both undergraduate and graduate degree programs, and is the largest STEM department on the campus at North Carolina A&T State University and the largest science department in the College of Science and Technology.

Information on faculty and staff for the Department of Biology can presently be found by searching for "biology" via the College of Science and Technology Faculty and Staff Directory. Individual faculty member web pages within this listing describe their background and research activities. Areas of research across the department include cellular and molecular biology, disease, genetics, microbiology, immunology, biotechnology, bioinformatics, physiology, evolution, toxicology, and health disparities research.