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America’s Cutting Edge (ACE) is a national initiative for machine tool technology development and advancement. It is supported by the Department of Defense Industrial Base Analysis and Sustainment (IBAS) Program from the Office of Industrial Policy. The machine tool research and development for ACE is based at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), whose Manufacturing Demonstration Facility (MDF) is a global leader in developing and validating systems and processes that leverage digital frameworks for manufacturing innovation. The ACE program’s intent is to train the next-generation machine tool workforce, including future manufacturing engineers, machine tool designers, entrepreneurs, machinists, and others.

 Description of Training

The ACE program has two parts. The first is an online component that includes self-paced learning modules via the learning management system Canvas. It covers an introduction to computer numerical control (CNC) machining and 3D modeling using Fusion 360 and virtual machining applications. At the end of each online learning module, participants are required to complete multiple choice quiz questions to assess their learning and track their progress. All participants who complete the online training will receive a certificate of completion for the online component.

Upon completion of the online component, participants become qualified to advance to a week-long, hands-on lab training "bootcamp." Bootcamps provide opportunities for eligible participants to learn in a high-intensity environment through hands-on, in-person training. All participants who complete the in-person bootcamp training will receive a certificate of completion for the bootcamp component.

 Eligibility and Cost

No prior training or experience is required to enroll in the ACE CNC machining training program. There is no cost to participate in this exciting opportunity, however registration is required.  Bootcamp participants will cover their own travel and lodging costs during the days of their in-person bootcamp.

 ACE in North Carolina

The ACE program in North Carolina is managed by the Department of Applied Engineering Technology at North Carolina A&T State University (i.e., ACE Hub at N.C. A&T).  The in-person bootcamps will be hosted at the ACE Hub at N.C. A&T, or at a spoke at a partnering institution. 


Register for the online ACE training program at, or the ACE Hub at N.C. A&T website.

Interested in A Bootcamp, or Any Additional Questions?

Director: Dr. Aixi Zhou

Phone: 336-334-7585
Fax: 336-334-7704

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