Powered by Dominion Energy and Sustainability Lab

dominion-web.pngOne area of special importance to today's climate change-stressed environment is clean energy. Powered by Dominion Energy, the Energy and Sustainability Lab will lead deeper exploration of the frontiers of science where tomorrow's energy challenges will be met. 

Drs. Md Monzurul Alam, Hieu Nguyen and Renzun Zhao lead this handsomely equipped second-floor laboratory, located in the heart of the Martin Complex. Through its leadership, the lab has active connections to Electrical Engineering and Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering and is surrounded faculty and students from Computer Science, creating a multi-disciplinary environment rich with possibility.

The Domion Energy Lab is conveniently located on the second floor of the Martin Complex, adjacent to elevators and the complex's main stairwell. Look for the Dominion Energy Lab signs at both entrances to the laboratory.