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School Administration Program

Program Description

The program course of study for the Master of School Administration (MSA) degree is designed to prepare school executives as culturally responsive leaders who are able to transform marginalized communities. These leadership roles include superintendents, central office administrators, principals, and assistant principals.

The Guidelines and Competencies of the North Carolina State Department of Public. Instruction (NCDPI), the National Educational Leadership Preparation Standards (NELP), the Professional Standards for Educational Leadership (PSEL), and the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) serve as the template for the design of the Master of School Administration program.

Coursework emphasizes the core functions of high achieving schools: challenging curriculum, effective instruction, culturally responsive pedagogy, and student achievement. Effective principals are those who are able to create educational environments that are responsive to the needs of the school community. These principals are able to validate the cultural identity of community members as well as their educational history.

The N.C. A&T MSA program offers a variety of program tracks to not only accommodate the diverse needs of all candidates, but to ensure that they possess the knowledge, skills and disposition needed to create culturally responsive educational environments.


The primary objectives of the Master of School Administration program are derived from the NELP-National Educational Leadership Preparation Standards, PSEL-Professional Standards for Educational Leadership, the SLLA-School Leaders Licensure Assessment Standards, and the NCDPI Pre-Service School Executive Standards.

    1. Strategic Leadership
    2. Instructional Leadership
    3. Cultural Leadership
    4. Human Resource Leadership
    5. Managerial Leadership
    6. External Development Leadership
    7. Micro-Political Leadership
    8. Academic Achievement Leadership

Relevant accreditations endorsing our program include:

Licensure Information

To become licensed as an administrator in the State of North Carolina, one must meet the Qualifications for certification under G.S. 115C‐290.7 as follows:

  1. Submit a complete application to the State Board. 2. Pay the applicable fee. 3. Have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or accredited university. 4. Either (i) have a graduate degree from a public school administration program that meets the public school administrator program approval standards set by the state Board of Education, or (ii) have a master’s degree from an accredited college or accredited university and have completed by 5. December 31, 1999, a public school administration program that meets the public school administration approval standards set by the State Board of Education. 
    6. Adhere to the University’s guidelines regarding program completion.

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