College of Education

Ph.D. Leadership Studies

"Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders for a New World"

The Department of Leadership Studies and Adult Education course work currently offers an interdisciplinary Ph.D. Our students represent a wide array of disciplines from both public and private sectors.

For information regarding application and admissions, contact the Graduate College at: 336-285-2366 or contact us directly at: 336-256-2342.


The Leadership Studies (LEST) program of the Department of Leadership Studies and Adult Education (LSAD) is an interdisciplinary doctoral program designed for individuals desiring to lead and conduct social and behavioral sciences research in the field of leadership.

The emerging interdisciplinary field of leadership studies covers a wide range of academic disciplines such as psychology, sociology, history, political science, religious studies and more. Our students come from diverse professional backgrounds including business, engineering, law, industry, education, healthcare, the military and community-based organizations.

The intellectual climate of the program is enhanced through (a) networking in the academy and (b) partnerships and community networks that bring real-time academic, economic, political and social justice issues to campus through intentional connections for students in community-based initiatives.

The LEST curriculum requirement includes a minimum of 54 hours beyond the master’s degree, with 44 hours of coursework and 12 hours for dissertation research. Additionally, students are expected to complete a 12-hour track in one of the following areas: (a) Higher Education and Community Colleges, (b) African American Leadership, (c) Transformative Leadership for Civic and Community Engagement, (d) Leadership for K-20 Diversity and Educational Justice or (e) Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies. LEST’s goal is to produce leader-scholars who are critical thinkers and facilitators of leadership committed to democratic engagement.

The interdependent world that we are currently living in has brought new societal challenges. Challenges ranging from educational inequality, health disparities, economic collapse and the erosion of families and communities, along with a plethora of additional challenges, that are negatively impacting diverse populations. At this critical juncture, leadership studies offers a new and exciting way to address these societal challenges. As an interdisciplinary field of study, scholars in leadership studies are poised to create new knowledge and innovative solutions to the most pressing problems confronting the world. As a prospective student in the leadership studies program we are excited about the possibility of engaging you in cutting-edge research that will prepare you for leadership roles as a scholar-practitioner.

The only historically black college and university to offer a Ph.D. in Leadership Studies, N.C. A&T is committed to creating a new paradigm in leadership studies. We are even more excited about the possibility of having you become a member of the Aggie tradition, and we look forward to helping you maximize your full potential as we “Prepare Tomorrow’s Leaders for a New World.”