History of the Student Center

The Memorial Student Union opened in 1967 as the “Living Room of the University.” When the Union was first built, the editor of the campus newspaper wrote an article called "THE UNION: A NEW HORIZON." The article stated: “It seems to be the general consensus of the student body that the Memorial Union is a building that all past, present, and future Aggies can really be proud of and appreciate.”

Past and present directors include:

1. Dr. Al Smith (1967-1971)

2. Dr. Sullivan Welborne (1971-1978)

3. Mr. Roger McKee (1978-1988)

4. Mr. Ed Willis (1988-1990)

5. Mr. James Armstrong (1990-2000)

6. Mr. Carl Baker (2001-2020)

7. Mr. Robert McNair (2021-present)