A Quick Look Inside Togetherall

What is Togetherall

  • An online peer-to-peer platform, offering a safe space for members to anonymously share how they feel and support one another
  • A platform that is managed by clinically trained professionals 24/7 to keep the community safe
  • Available 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Includes self-assessments and mental health related resources
  • Offers an array of creative tools to express how you feel and share your expressions with others

How to Register

  1. Enter your Aggie email address at the Togetherall student registration page.
  2. Enter your information and click "Sign up"
  3. You will be sent an email to verify your Aggie email address. Click on the link to verify the email and activate your account
  4. Create a username to protect your anonymity