First Day™ Textbook Program

What is First Day™?

First Day™ is Barnes & Noble College’s inclusive access model, where digital course materials are included as an additional course charge for a particular course or program. This model is easy and convenient for student use, provides an affordable option, and supports student success by ensuring every student is prepared for the first day of class.

What if I want a physical copy of the textbook?

Most publishers give students the option of purchasing a very affordable loose-leaf copy of the book through the campus bookstore. The loose-leaf copy can also be ordered online from the bookstore and shipped directly to your home.

What are the benefits of First Day™?

Some of the benefits of the First Day™ program are:

  • Students are prepared on the first day of class with all their required materials, leading to greater student success.
  • First Day™ materials are accessible through the Internet so it goes where you go, on whichever device you want.
  • The cost of First Day™ course materials have been negotiated to be the lowest price available from the publisher.

How do I pay for my First Day™ courses?

When students register for a First Day™ course, the cost of digital course materials is included as a course materials charge on their student account. This charge is automatically added to the tuition and fees and is only applicable to courses enrolled in the First Day™ program. Students will have access to the required materials by the first day of class. This fee is applied each time a student registers for a First Day™ course, including if a class is repeated.

How do I access First Day™ course materials?

Once the course is opened by the instructor, students will be able to access their digital course materials through Blackboard. First-time users will need to create an account with the publisher providing the course material. Please ensure your pop-up blocker is disabled within your browser during use.

Is there help available?

Yes! Each faculty member is trained to help you with your digital course materials and can provide instructions on how to access the materials through your campus' LMS. The Campus Bookstore is also available for support.

What happens if I drop a class?

If you drop a First Day™ course, you will be refunded according to your school’s policies for refunds on tuition and fees. You will have to pay the First Day™ Course Materials charge again if you re-register.

Is there an Opt-Out for the First Day™ course materials?

Students may opt-out of purchasing the First Day™ digital course materials; however, students are still responsible for completing all work assigned by their instructor. Contact the bookstore manager for more information on how to Opt-Out on your campus. Opt-Out requests must be received by the deadline (census date).

While opting out of First Day™ course materials is not recommended, you may do so by following the steps below:

  1. Login to Aggie Access Online
  2. Select Student
  3. Select FirstDay Opt In/Out
  4. Review the Opt Out information
  5. Select the term
  6. Under OptIn Status select N
  7. Click Submit

You have the option to opt back in to the First Day™ course materials as long as it is prior to January 28, 2019.