Aggie OneCard Center

Linking You to Many Services

The Aggie OneCard is the official North Carolina A&T State University identification card. In addition to identifying the cardholder's relationship to the University, the card is a mechanism for accessing numerous accounts and privileges.

Dining Services - Aggie OneCard may be used with a variety of meal plans available for students, faculty and staff. For more information, visit the Aggie Dining website.

Laundry Services - Each residence hall’s laundry room is equipped with card readers where students may swipe their cards to wash and dry.

Health Services - Students may use Aggie OneCard to purchase needed medical services that are not covered in their tuition and fees. Please visit the Health Services website for more information.

Parking Services - Students, faculty and staff may use Aggie OneCard to pay for parking fees and fines. Please visit the Parking and Transportation Services website for more information.

Bookstore - Aggie OneCard funds may be used for purchases at the Bookstore. Please visit the Bookstore website for more information.

Ticket Office - You may purchase tickets using Aggie OneCard funds. For additional information on ticket pricing and event dates, please contact the Ticket Office at 336-334-7749.

Door Access -  Swipe card access is a great way to secure a building or entryway. Aggie OneCard may be programmed to allow access into various locations across campus.

Library Services - Students, faculty and staff can use Aggie OneCard to check out the books and other materials at the circulation counter of Bluford Library.

Athletic Events - Full-time student or a qualifying part-time student have access to on-campus football and basketball games. Aggie OneCard is required for student admission to athletic and special events.

Mail Services - Aggie OneCard funds may be used to purchase goods and services from the University Mail Center. For more information on mailing services and pricing, please call 336-334-7544.