College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Music Degree Programs

The Music Program offers three degree programs:

  • The Bachelor of Science degree in Music Education

Students pursuing this degree program must choose either a choral or instrumental concentration. The degree is tailored toward those wishing to teach music in the public schools (K - 12th grade).

  • The Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Performance

This degree is for students wishing to pursue a career as a professional performing musician. Advanced musical knowledge and inherent musical talent are prerequisites for successfully pursuing this degree program. Many music performance majors plan to continue their musical studies in graduate school.

  • The Bachelor of Arts degree in General Music

For students not wishing to pursue a career in music performance or education, we offer the General Music degree program, which allows the student to take courses in other areas such as Electronic Music.

Any student interested in majoring in Music must first pass an audition on their principal instrument/voice, take a theory placement examination and a piano proficiency exam. Audition days occur several times during each spring semester and may be arranged during fall semesters if necessary. You should audition one semester prior to beginning your music curriculum. If you are already enrolled at N.C. A&T and would like to change majors, you would need to audition one semester before registering for music classes. You MUST be able to read music and be proficient on your instrument/voice.