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Any student interested in majoring in Music must first pass an audition on their principal instrument/voice, take a theory placement examination and a piano proficiency exam. Audition days occur several times during each spring semester and may be arranged during fall semesters if necessary. You should audition one semester prior to beginning your music curriculum. If you are already enrolled at N.C. A&T and would like to change majors, you need to audition one semester before registering for music classes. You MUST be able to read music and be proficient on your instrument/voice. Students are NOT allowed to register as music majors until BOTH the audition and theory placement examination have been completed. Before registering for any Music Theory courses (MUSI 101 or MUSI 110), the music theory placement exam must be completed.

The Theory placement Exam will cover basic music theory skills including: Major & Minor key signatures; major, minor, diminished, and augmented chords; reading chord symbols; and ear training. The following are websites that will help you refresh your music theory skills as you prepare for the theory exam:

Audition Requirements:

Piano: Representative piano works from major historical periods (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Contemporary).

Voice: An English language art song is required; 1 art song in Italian, French or German; 1 song from American Musical Theatre; 1 African-American Spiritual. Be prepared to sight-sing.

Woodwinds: Any grade medium to difficult solo from the approved state solo repertoire list or an Etude from Selected Studies edited by H. Voxman.

High Brass: Any movement of a Sonata or Concerto from one of the major style periods or any of the Arban’s Characteristic studies and all major and minor scales.

Low Brass: A solo work for your major instrument, two etudes of differing styles and all major and minor scales.

Percussion: Any published work of medium to difficult level in at least one of the following areas of percussion: Snare drum, Mallets, or Timpani.

Scheduling and Questions

Please contact the professor in charge of the area you are interested in pursuing to set up an audition and discuss the audition and admission process. Click on a link below to e-mail the appropriate professor. They will be glad to assist you in preparing you for your audition or answering any questions. For information about auditioning for a specific ensemble, email the contact person below.