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Gibbs Annual Lecture

Welcome to the Annual Gibbs Lecture and Student Conference hosted by the Department of History and Political Science and the department's student organizations, The History Scholars and The Political Science Society, at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. 

This lecture and conference are a core part of student professional development and learning. Students, faculty and members of the Greensboro community who participate in this annual event have demonstrated a commitment to life-long learning and engagement, which is the primary purpose of the lecture and conference. We aim to cultivate intellectual curiosity among undergraduate and high school students and the goal of our esteemed faculty in the department is to prepare this generation of students to be advocates, scholars and leaders by developing their analytical, critical thinking and research skills. 

By facilitating an understanding of the past, we seek to inspire and and inform citizens prepared for the future. 


Daphne M. Cooper, Ph.D.
Associate professor and interim chair of the Department of History and Political Science

35th Annual Gibbs Lecture

Learn more about this year's lecture and conference here.
This is a photo of the 35th Annual Gibbs Lecture