College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

Bachelor of Science - Laboratory Animal Science

Laboratory animal science is a fascinating, relatively new field of applied science which deals with the biology of animal models used in biomedical research, and their relationships to man and other animal species in regard to health and disease prevention. It offers career opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry, in government regulatory agencies, and in research and development organizations.

The B.S. in Laboratory Animal Science is the degree of choice for students who are interested in pre-vet, pre-med, and preparation for advanced studies in human and animal health-related areas. Graduates also emerge with leadership skills in the area of animal welfare. The degree is the only program of its kind in North Carolina.

Student classroom and laboratory coursework involve excellent training and exposure to more than 14 species of animals, from guinea pigs to horses. As you progress in your studies, you will work more with laboratory, versus large animals. Numerous student resources abound within the department and throughout the campus which allow students here to be stimulated academically, receive personalized attention and gain hands-on experience on faculty research projects. Through summer internships students will explore future career options regionally and internationally.

Students in this program seek to obtain laboratory animal technician certification at three levels offered by the American Association of Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS).

Please contact the Department of Animal Sciences to find out how this degree can prepare you for your career goals.