College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

Bachelor of Science - Animal Science (Animal Science Industry)

Through rigorous course work emphasizing agricultural business, economics, and leadership and people skills, our graduates find positions in industry management, operations, and technical and sales support.

The curriculum provides excellent preparation for students aiming to be problem solvers for the beef, dairy, poultry, swine, sheep, horse and other livestock industries. Numerous student resources abound within the department and throughout the campus, which allow students to be stimulated academically, receive personalized attention, and gain hands-on experience working on faculty-led research projects.

Students pursuing the B.S. in Animal Science (Animal Science Industry) degree practice solving special problems for industry using an array of resources, including the University Farm, research laboratories, and international exchange programs. Through summer internships, students have opportunities to explore future career options regionally and internationally.

Please contact the Department of Animal Sciences to find out how this degree can prepare you for your career goals.