College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

Webb Hall

Bioinformatics Learning Facility

Room 239 Webb Hall

Capabilities and instrumentation

  • Molecular biology, including gene microarrays scanning, PCR amplification, cell culturing, gel electrophoresis for protein and nucleic acids.
  • Gene microarrays scanner.
  • Coulter electronic particle counter.
  • Multiporator for transformation of eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells.


  • Inflammation research, with a focus on bovine mastitis, including the role of cell surface receptors, such as Fc and other receptors, cell signaling (apoptosis), inflammatory mediators and modulators, such as cyclooxygenase at the genomic, molecular and cellular level.
  • Animal and microbial genomics.
  • Health issues in meat goats, including natural alternatives to anthelmintics.
  • Planning for Center of Excellence in Genomic Diversity.)

Poultry Research Laboratory

Room 253 Webb Hall


  • Microbiological research on foodborne pathogens.


  • Food safety research, especially on Campylobacter jejuni and salmonella in poultry
  • Drug susceptibility of campylobacter.
  • Alternatives to antibiotics in poultry.
  • Alternative poultry rearing systems and pathogen carrier status of organically raised and/or pastured poultry.

Veterinary Microbiology Research Laboratory in Animal Sciences

2nd floor, B.C. Webb Hall

Capabilities and instrumentation

  • State-of-the-art facility for research of infectious diseases of animal and man.
  • Basic facilities in immunology, microbiology to the P2 level, molecular biology and biotechnology.


  • The analysis and study of bacterial Fc receptors and the non-specific binding of mammalian immunoglobulins.
  • The resistance of Gram-negative Bacteria to Beta-Lactam antibiotics.
  • The emergence of Enterotoxigenic E. coli and their impact on swine production.

Smart Classroom


State-of-the-art instructional hardware and software for multimedia presentations, and Web based and distance learning. Allows for monitoring of each work station, instant messaging, live demonstrations at remote sites, video conferencing. Smart board automatically saves all material and notes for convenience of students.