College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

C.H. Moore Agricultural Research Station

Applied Survey Research Laboratory

Rooms A28, A32 C.H. Moore

Capabilities and instrumentation

  • Statistical and database analysis for human and social capital development
  • Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing, includes 10 workstations, automated data collection from telephone and mail surveys
  • Knowledge Management Center, for access to research taking place or completed in the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
  • Portable technologies for field research, managing meetings and synthesizing information gathered in meetings, listening sessions or focus groups, including Option Finder and Group Systems technology; (Option Finder and GroupSystems to be available to industries and organizations by mid-2004; Contact Dr. Terrence Thomas.)


  • The structure and function of community organizations, as well as problem solving in communities and organizations (Dr. Terrence Thomas)
  • Developing a model for collaboration for grassroots organizations, as well as a database of grassroots organizations throughout the Southern Black Belt (Dr. Terrence Thomas)
  • Issues important to small farm enterprises, and small farm-community linkage (Dr. Terrence Thomas)
  • Food safety issues. (Dr. Kofi Adu-Nyako, 336-334-7963, )
  • Point source pollution in North Carolina . (Dr. Osei Yeboah, 336-334-7056, )
  • Determinates of Rural Health in the Black Belt Region of the United States (Dr. Benjamin Gray, 336 334-7072,