Poster Guidelines and Printing

We have a new printer!  Please read the guidelines carefully as some things have changed!  Changes will be in red.

Ag Communications strongly encourages using Microsoft PowerPoint to create posters and saving them in PPTX format AND PDF for the large-format printer in C.H. Moore. For best results, start with the 36″ x 48″ template (max printable width is 42"). Once you have created your poster, send it to us via our online Poster Submission System. You must submit your poster for printing no less than five business days before it is needed (this does not include weekends).

Poster Requirements

  • Your poster should be approved by your department chair, Ag Research administration or your unit head.
  • Your poster should be in the correct template. 
  • None of the background elements in the template should be obscured.
  • Images should be of reasonable quality and not pixelated.
  • The poster(s) should be in PowerPoint Format (.pptx) AND PDF (.pdf) format
  • The poster should be submitted via our online Poster Submission System.
  • Your content should be properly edited and proofread. All development, editing, and proofreading is the responsibility of the authors.

Poster Best Practices

Following these few simple guidelines can help your poster get printed quickly and accurately and not sent back for revision:
  • Ensure that you are using all appropriate logos,  and they are undistorted, not stretched, or squashed.  If you're using the interlocking A&T Logo please ensure that it is the correct logo with the TM (Trademark) next to it
  • Do not use the Aggie Bulldog, that logo is for sporting events only.
  • Avoid large blocks of solid color, this can cause bleeding on your poster and it uses a lot of ink which can delay your print.
  • Always use the approved Templates unless approval for another template has been given.
  • Be sure you are using the appropriate Aggie Blue and Gold Colors (when appropriate). For blue, you can use either #022761 or #002D74, for gold use #FDB827, and for the college of Ag's Green use #95CB89

If you have any questions about any of these, or anything else pertaining to poster printing, please feel free to contact the Ag Communications office or send an email to Kevin Lupo at

Download our templates

Two templates are provided for your use in poster design. All templates are measured as height by width.

Two templates are provided for your use in poster design. All templates are measured as height by width.

Frequently Asked Questions

Posters can be picked up Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., excluding holidays

Posters are located in a bin in the Ag Research reception area at C.H. Moore, near conference room B17.  There is a sign over the bin to indicate the posters are there.

No, Ag Communications will not create, change or make corrections to any poster.  Please ensure that your poster is ready for printing prior to submitting it.

No, but you may need someone to let you in the building.

Yes, just put that in the special instructions when submitting your poster.  Unless absolutely needed, however, please do not request more than 1 extra copy.  

No, the poster printing services are for CAES Faculty/staff and students.

No, we only print posters for N.C. A&T College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences' Faculty/Staff and students.

You will receive an automated email informing you that the poster(s) have been printed.

You must ensure that your poster is submitted no less than five (5) working days, excluding weekends, in advance of the intended event for which the poster is required.

Please submit your poster(s) in PowerPoint format (.pptx) AND PDF (.pdf) format

If you are submitting your poster to an event that requires a different size or you need other assistance, please contact Mr. Kevin Lupo (

Posters can be picked up in C.H. Moore Agricultural Research Station.