College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

Advisory Board

The College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences (CAES) Advisory Board provides advice and counsel on matters related to the college’s strategic direction, priorities, fundraising initiatives and external relations. The board ensures that the CAES stays relevant and addresses the needs of its stakeholders.

Constituencies served by the advisory board include: CAES academic studies, agricultural research and Cooperative Extension; CAES faculty and staff; and current and future CAES students. The advisory board’s specific objectives are to:

  1. Serve as an advocate for the college and as a communication link between the CAES, the community and industry.
  2. Assist the college with external fund-raising efforts, and to help the college broaden its financial base.
  3. Provide information and expertise regarding industry, state, local and federal agencies, as well as community needs, societal trends and forecasts.
  4. Identify opportunities for student and faculty development (e.g. internships, externships, traineeships, applied research, cooperative-education assignments, student employment, awareness of career options, mentoring, etc.).
  5. Provide networking opportunities concerning the purpose and goals of the college, and connect graduates to potential employers.
  6. Serve as a sounding board for present and proposed programs and activities of the CAES in such areas as strategic planning, development, and other issues affecting the future of the College.
  7. Advance the positive image of the college and its research agenda; Cooperative Extension outreach, academic programming, and faculty and student achievements.
  8. Aid the college in its land-grant mission of excellence in teaching, research and Extension outreach.