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North Carolina A&T will change your life. Bring your talent, intelligence and hard work, and we’ll provide the resources to take your education, career possibilities, community and character to the next level.

N.C. A&T graduates more African-American engineers and agricultural science majors than any university in America and is a recognized national leader in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education. In a broad range of other academic areas, from business to journalism to graphic design to social work, N.C. A&T students and educational quality are also highly regarded.

And all of our students, regardless of their major, are members of a supportive intellectual and social community that builds a solid foundation for success. How solid? According to a recent Gallup survey, 99 percent of A&T alumni say they would undertake their undergraduate degree again if they had the chance, and 96 percent would do it all over at A&T.

Aggie Pride

Aggie Pride is knowing that your university has produced men and women who have run for president, flown in the space shuttle and occupied positions of influence in corporations, hospitals, government agencies, schools and non-profit organizations across the state, the country and the world. It is pride in our history  the A&T Four launching the civil rights movement — and pride in our present and future achievements, like the opening of the brand-new Student Center or national recognition of our online programs.

Aggie Spirit

Aggie Spirit is what binds us as a community. It’s a stadium roaring with blue and gold while the legendary Blue and Gold Marching Machine performs. It’s the colors and traditions of our fraternities and sororities and the historic beauty and diversity of our historic campus.

Aggie Power

An Aggie education has the power to change the world. Apply to N.C. A&T and you will gain access to the hands-on skills, the core knowledge and the global perspective to make a real and permanent difference in your workplace, your community and your world. Discover a new drug therapy for malaria. Make your mark in the digital media world. Engineer a game-changing solar car. These are the kinds of contributions that we expect from A&T graduates. How will you make a difference?

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