Financial Information

International Student Financial Information

Federal regulations require that North Carolina A&T have documented evidence on file that a student has sufficient financial means to pay all tuition, required fees, and living expenses for him/herself and any dependent family members during the student’s proposed period of study (4 years for a Bachelor's degree; 2-1/2 years for a Master's degree; 4 years for a Ph.D.).  A single undergraduate student will need approximately $35,866.00 to cover tuition/fees, books,living expenses and mandatory medical insurance.  A single graduate student (MS/Ph.D.) must show a financial guarantee in the minimum amount of $37,912.00 to cover tuition/fees, books,mandatory medical insurance and living expenses. 

A student who plans to remain in the United States in the summer will need an additional $3,000 for living expenses. Married students who plan to bring their spouse and/or children must certify an additional $6,000 for the spouse and $4,000 for each child. A student must have funds available for use upon arrival for tuition, housing, insurance, books, etc. Each semester’s tuition is due in full before the academic term begins.

Each student must complete and submit the Financial Guarantee Form and personal bank statements for a 3 month period. 

Financial Aid Resources

Non-immigrant students in the U.S. are not eligible for most federal financial aid programs for which U.S. citizens and lawful permanent resident students normally apply. Unfortunately, N.C. A&T offers limited financial aid or scholarships for international undergraduate students. Financial aid in the form of Research/Teaching Assistantships may be available to a limited number of highly qualified international graduate students.

For more information about the availability of Research/Teaching Assistantships, please contact the Graduate College at  or the department to which you have been admitted. Assistantships are awarded directly by the academic department. OIA does not award assistantships or provide any financial aid assistance at this time.

A limited number of part-time employment opportunities may be available on campus to international students, but the earnings from such employment will, at best, only cover incidental expenses.

If N.C A&T does not award you financial aid, you may seek additional aid sources. A list of financial aid resources is provided as a courtesy. We do not guarantee funds availability or financial aid assistance from these resources. The use of this information is strictly at your discretion.

Financial Aid Websites for International Students

NAFSA: Association of International Educators
American Association of University Women
International Education Financial Aid
College Board
International Student Organization
Fast Web
The Rowe Fund