Health Care and Insurance

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services and the Department of State require that all foreign nationals and their dependents be covered by adequate medical and health insurance as well as repatriation coverage while in the United States in Exchange Visitor status.

The insurance must meet certain federal requirements:

  • $100,000    Medical Benefits 
  • $25,000      Repatriation of remains 
  • $50,000      Medical evacuation
  • $500           Deductible per accident or illness 

Please be prepared to show proof of coverage during your check-in with the Office of International Affairs (OIA). If you have not confirmed insurance coverage, OIA has information identifying insurance companies offering policies meeting at least the minimum requirements of the J-1 program.

You must provide proof of acceptable insurance coverage for you and all dependents, during your check-in appointment with OIA.

Note: The insurance plan must be in English translation for carrier, if purchased in your home country.