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In creating mindful content: Think of terms that you want to be found by in Google search and use those terms in the page content in conversational tone and voice, list and link to programs offered. Other best practices include providing verbiage on why this field. Why do the programs at A&T that would set it apart from your peers? What jobs can we get with these degrees? What are the starting salaries?

Distinctions and Achievements Example

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Distinctions and Achievements Example


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Largest Number Program yields largest number of graduates in the state

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University Relations writers can assist in writing and publishing news in our news engine for your department, college, and A&T website, depending on the scope. To begin please contact University Relations.
This 'department' website example shows the different ways we can present content using one template in the CMS. You can create many content types, which can be be reused or sorted.

You have the ability to find different ways to display mindfully produced content. For more example view other sample pages.
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