A Plan for Action, A Promise of Change

How do you build a great university? At North Carolina A&T, we are doing it through disciplined strategic planning that articulates a vision of academic, research and service excellence for our future, defines the steps necessary to fulfill that vision and holds us accountable for the work we have committed to in service of our vision.

“Preeminence 2030: North Carolina A&T Blueprint” is the third strategic plan undertaken by our university in 12 years. Outcomes from the first two plans quite simply transformed our university, delivering us to a very different place from where we started. Because of that extraordinary success, we are poised to dramatically expand our reach and impact as we continue to redefine what a 21st century doctoral, land-grant, historically Black research university can be.

Learn here about the focus areas of the plan, its five inspired goals, strategies we will employ to achieve them and metrics that will become our measures of success. Preeminence 2030 is ambitious, a call to action for our university and a promise of change in the months and years ahead. Just as we are a far different university than when we introduced the first of the Preeminence plans, we will be significantly further changed by 2030 when this plan is fully executed.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey to preeminence.

Mr. and Miss A&T at Fall 2022 Coronation.