This strategic plan embraces North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University’s vision of transforming lives through teaching and learning, civic outreach, interdisciplinary research and innovative solutions to global challenges. It is driven by the university’s five core values: Responsibility, Excellence, Integrity, Inclusiveness and Learning. “Preeminence 2030: North Carolina A&T Blueprint” identifies five new goals to guide the university’s development through 2030. Anticipating an accelerating pace of technological, governmental, workplace and social change that persists into the future, we will assess and refresh the plan during the 2026-27 academic year.

Create partnerships and solutions that advance the human condition

North Carolina A&T will increase its impact through cross-disciplinary engagement that leads to life-changing advances, improving social, economic, health and educational conditions. 

Nursing students at NC A&T


Prepare students, faculty and staff to lead in areas of critical need 

1.2: Spur economic development through an entrepreneurial ecosystem driven by startup ventures, public-private partnerships and transformative technologies 

1.3: Strengthen outreach, engagement and community- focused research capabilities across all disciplines

1.4: Diversify the university’s revenue and resource base to build financial strength and provide flexible funds for strategic investment

1.5: Grow relationships with significant business concerns locating or expanding in North Carolina to increase opportunities for students, support applied research and enhance communities in East Greensboro, the Piedmont Triad and statewide


  • New alumni employment in high-impact careers in the region, state and nation 
  • Graduate and undergraduate degree, certificate and training programs in critical-need areas 
  • External partnerships resulting in joint ventures and technology transfer 
  • Economic impact in the region and state 
  • Alumni retention in the state after graduation 
  • Student, faculty and staff involvement in entrepreneurial ventures 
  • Multidisciplinary, community- focused research partnerships 
  • External funding, patents and licenses 
  • National recognition for community engagement in areas of distinction 
  • Active participation in community outreach and engagement

Develop engaged global thought leaders and innovators

North Carolina A&T will expand efforts to prepare students and faculty/staff to be impactful solution-oriented thinkers and doers, fostering rich learning environments that stimulate intellectual and creative exchange with stakeholders.

Graduate commencement ceremony


2.1: Design and deliver transformative curricula to elevate the next generation of global influencers and innovators

2.2: Prepare a community of faculty, staff and students to be cross-disciplinary thinkers by engaging in innovative scholarship marked by critical and creative thinking

2.3: Recruit, retain and develop highly skilled, visionary faculty and staff to prepare students for impact through experiential learning, solution-focused research, creative endeavors and community engagement

2.4: Design and implement living-and-learning environments that foster community and support student success and overall well-being

2.5: Foster rich learning and working environments that stimulate intellectual and creative exchange with all stakeholders


  • Globally relevant, cross-disciplinary degree and certificate programs 
  • Student placement rates 
  • Faculty recruitment and retention rates 
  • Graduate degrees awarded 
  • Cross-disciplinary research and outreach programs 
  • Engagement in experiential teaching and learning 
  • Living-learning campus communities 
  • Distinguished speaker series and visiting scholar exchanges 
  • Student, faculty and staff recognition via regional, state, national and international awards
  • Student, faculty and staff satisfaction with the learning and working environment
  • Performance on licensure and certification exams 

Optimize human and physical capital to drive elite performance and operational excellence

North Carolina A&T will emphasize a more complete, campus-wide embrace and embodiment of its core values to increase cohesion and effectiveness of the university’s workforce. This will facilitate sustainable improvements in infrastructure and core processes for the execution of daily operations, as well as learning and research activities. 

A&T Stadium overhead football game


3.1:   Enhance facilities related to IT connectivity and smart systems by continuously expanding the IT infrastructure for the campus 

3.2: Optimize critical institutional practices, processes, policies and procedures for greater efficiency and effectiveness 

3.3: Enhance campus infrastructure to support the execution of impactful daily operational functions

3.4: Attract, recruit, develop and retain an elite workforce through continuation of initiatives to facilitate excellence

3.5: Foster a climate that promotes a culture of well- being, to include mental, emotional and physical health

3.6: Institutionalize a culture of excellence through The Aggie Experience

3.7: Compete with distinction and honor among elite institutions

3.8: Create welcoming physical environments that attract, retain and inspire stakeholders


  • Progress on implementation of the new campus Master Plan 
  • Investments in systems, IT infrastructure and training that promote effective, efficient practices 
  • Investments in renovating, building new campus facilities with innovative learning spaces 
  • Investments in salaries and incentives for faculty and staff 
  • Investments in graduate student assistantship compensation and tuition support 
  • Ratings for the Student Satisfaction Survey and Faculty Engagement Survey 
  • Participation rates of faculty/ staff engagement in professional development activities 
  • Campus participation in wellness Activities 
  • Optimized faculty workload to facilitate transition to very high research activity 
  • Creative and innovative implementation of processes and procedure 
  • Academic and athletic achievements, rankings, awards and championships

Foster an environment that values individualities and lived experiences so all are empowered to become their best selves

North Carolina A&T will create more inclusive living and working environments that unleash the potential of all to confidently pursue greater innovation and outcomes. In those environments, immutable and defining characteristics of each member of the community will be valued and appreciated, fostering a sense of belonging and engagement. Fertile learning and teaching environments will be developed through synergies created by collaboration among kindred and divergent perspectives, leading to the discovery and application of new knowledge.

Jim Barnhill and student


4.1:   Stimulate the growth of cultural competencies for students, faculty, and staff through opportunities for collaboration, inclusion and engagement 

4.2: Create diverse, inclusive and culturally centered, next-generation academic programs and campus initiatives that address human challenges 

4.3: Build a workplace culture that advances and supports the development of students, faculty and staff through diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) initiatives 

4.4: Promote and encourage diversity of perspectives through valuing experiential learning in inclusive, authentic and holistic learning environments 

4.5: Create an environment in which innovation is valued and “failing forward” is seen as a potential step toward success 


  • Institutional DEIB initiatives 
  • Students engaging in diverse experiential learning opportunities 
  • Faculty, staff and student positive perception of campus climate
  • Integration of DEIB principles in academic and professional development programs
  • Access to students from rural and underserved communities
  • Student loan debt and expenses at graduation

Emerge as a global model for research, teaching, learning, outreach and innovation responsive to universal needs 

North Carolina A&T will be a culturally responsive R1 institution that addresses technical, social, cultural, educational and economic challenges impacting all through transformation initiatives and globally relevant programs. 

A&T autonomous vehicle


5.1:   Lead intensive research in areas that address technical, social, cultural, environmental, educational and economic challenges

5.2: Foster innovative educational modalities that advance knowledge, teaching, training and workforce development 

5.3: Promote collaborative, cross-disciplinary research and creative scholarship that are responsive and meaningful to the needs of the local, state, national and global communities

5.4: Disseminate innovative models to influence teaching, research, innovation and engagement practices

5.5: Expand research partnerships that align with strategic areas of expertise 

5.6: Through execution of the new campus Master Plan, enhance and create facilities and capacities essential to support the university’s R1 – Very High Research Activity aspiration.


  • R1 status 
  • Research expenditures 
  • Industry sponsored research projects 
  • Faculty recognition for teaching, research and outreach excellence 
  • Number of cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary initiatives 
  • Patents, newly filed and active, and licensed innovations 
  • Research-based startup ventures 
  • Faculty and student exchanges and collaborations 
  • Visiting scholars 
  • Peer reviewed publications and creative works 
  • Extension and outreach programming 
  • Innovation in administrative units 
  • Investments in graduate assistantships 
  • New buildings, inspired spaces and contemporary infrastructure