Transcript Requests

North Carolina A&T State University now offers Electronic Transcript Delivery!

Please note:  Student records are being scanned for preservation.  Records for attendance prior to 1992 may take 7-10 days to retrieve.  We apologize for this inconvenience.

Order your transcript online via the National Student Clearinghouse. Please verify the correct recipient’s email address before placing the order. Your card will not be charged until the order has been completed.

Electronic Delivery is not available to alumni with transcript records prior to 1988. Those records are limited to mail delivery only and will be sent via mail directly from the Registrar’s Office.

Transcript records after 1988 placed for mail delivery will be sent via mail directly from Clearinghouse. Your card will not be charged until the order has been sent.

Transcripts cannot be picked up in person at the Registrar’s Office. Anyone needing an official transcript must place an order directly via Clearinghouse. This includes campus departments, other universities, verification services, etc.

Mail-in transcript requests are no longer accepted. Any requests received via mail will be returned back to the sender.

Please note: Unofficial transcripts are only available to current students of the university via Aggie Access Online.

General Information

  • If there is a hold on your academic record due to failure to meet financial obligations or for any other reason, transcript request will not be processed. Please call the Registrar’s Office at 336-334-7595.
  • The Office of the Registrar does not provide Student ID's over the telephone, by mail or email.

Ordering an Official Transcript

Please read before placing an order. When placing your orders online, you can now select a paperless option for your official transcript. Many recipients will accept this alternate method of delivery. Once your order has been placed, the recipient is notified by email that they can retrieve a certified PDF from our transcript ordering service. Before placing your order, please confirm from the recipient whether an electronic transcript is acceptable and if so, the email address you should use for delivery. Please note that this option is not available for those who attended the University prior to 1988.

Note: If you have graduated in a past semester and are not currently enrolled, do NOT select the "Hold for Degree" or "Hold for Grades" processing option.

Processing options:

Hold for Degree: Only for current semester graduating students waiting for a conferred degree. All transcripts will process in bulk after the 60-day awarding process after the graduation date is completed. If you have been awarded do NOT choose this option.

As Is: For students who want a current transcript. Also, current graduating students should choose this option once they see a degree has been awarded in aggie access under the student record tab.

Hold for Grades: Only for students needing the current semester final grades. Transcripts will process in bulk once all final grades are inputted.

*We do not provide "Overnight Transcript" delivery, instead we provide "Priority 2-Day Express" delivery. *