The mission of the Office of Career Services (OCS) is to provide centralized, comprehensive, and progressive interdisciplinary programs, services, and resources to prepare A&T undergraduates, graduate students, and alumni (two-years post-graduation) for the achievement of personal, professional, and career development that meet the needs of a global society.

Student/Alumni Eligibility - Individuals who are formally enrolled in a degree-granting program at North Carolina A&T State University or who are N.C. A&T graduates (two-years post-graduation) are eligible to use the facilities, programs and services of the Office of Career Services (OCS).

Truth in Disclosure - Falsification of data submitted to OCS will result in the loss of the privilege to use the Office of Career Services, including interviewing and registration privileges. It is the student’s/alumnus’ responsibility to review registration information for accuracy and completeness prior to submission to the Office of Career Services. Falsification of data is a serious offense and this policy will be enforced. (Reference NCA&T Student Handbook/Student Conduct: Misconduct Prohibited by the University).

Failure to cancel or appear for a confirmed interview by the current designated date/time will go on the student’s record as a No-Show. (Please refer to the OCS website for the current date/time.) When a no-show occurs, a letter or email will be sent to the student with copies to the dean and chairperson of the depart­ment. The student’s online access will be blocked, and all interviewing privileges will be suspended immediately for a minimum of one week for the first offense and two weeks for the second offense.

Privileges may be reinstated ONLY after steps 1, 2 and 3 are completed.

  1. Upon receipt of a notification letter/email, make an appoint­ment with an OCS administrator, who will make the final decision on your continued use of the Office.
  2. A letter of apology must be written to the recruiter and emailed or brought to the OCS with a stamped, addressed enve­lope at the time of your scheduled OCS appointment.
  3. If interviewing privileges are reinstated, you must reapply online for any interview(s) requested and confirmed prior to suspension.

Additional no-shows after the second offense in the same academic year will result in the loss of interviewing privileges for the remainder of the academic year. Students can appeal to the Executive Director of Career Services and Experiential Learning. (Reference NCA&T Student Handbook/Student Conduct: Misconduct Prohibited by the University)

Students should withdraw from the interview process once they have accepted a job offer with an employer. When weighing multiple offers students should always request additional time to make a decision, if needed. It is recommended that the student contact the “first choice” employer about an offer from another employer. Students are encouraged to indicate that they have another offer and inquire about their candidacy and the “first choice” employer’s timeframe. Students should make the best decision for their career and personal needs without undue pressure or stress. Kindly notify all pending employer as soon as possible once a decision has been made to enable employers to reach out to other candidates.

It is NOT appropriate to accept an offer and to then continue with your job search. Once you have accepted a job offer, you should withdraw from all interviews and inform other employers for which you remain a candidate that you no longer wish to be considered for the position. Professional circles are small and memories long. It is unprofessional and unethical to accept a job offer with the intent of rescinding your acceptance.

Participants in a cooperative education (co-op) experience administered by the Office of Career Services must establish and maintain at least a 2.5 overall grade point average. Freshmen must complete their first academic year prior to the first work assignment and transfer students must complete one semester. To maintain a full-time student status while on assignment, students must be registered with the Office of Career Services and enrolled in the Career Services co-op course.

  • Students/alumni registered with OCS can post resumes, complete virtual mock interviews, view and apply for jobs, and schedule on-campus interviews. The information in a candidate’s profile is used by OCS for career coaching, job-search advising, promoting programs and services, notifying candidates of employment opportunities, and referring qualified candidates to employers.
  • Resumes, cover letters, applications, or mock interviews of students/alumni may be shared with prospective employers or institutions on behalf of the individual for career and or leadership opportunities, scholarships and career coaching feedback.
  • Resumes are not shared with third parties, such as employment agencies or search firms.
  • Resumes are selected based on objective, legally permissible requirements (i.e., GPA, classification, major, work authorization) set forth by the employer.
  • Employers do not have access to view information or resumes directly from the OCS database unless the student has published their profile via the current job platform used by Career Services (i.e., Handshake, NACElink).
  • Data entered into the OCS database or on surveys may be included in reports used for evaluation of employment activities, educational programs, funding, institutional studies, and salary surveys. Data reported outside of the university is reported in aggregate form and not affiliated with a single individual.