Title III


Title III of the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended, Strengthening Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) and Strengthening Historically Black Graduate Institutions (HBGI) Programs, authorizes special assistance to strengthen the quality of developing institutions that have the desire and potential to make a substantial contribution to the higher education resources of the nation. Amendments to the Act have altered some elements of the program, but it remains as written—an instrument to provide assistance to institutions demonstrating a constructive effort to strengthen themselves.

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University has three Strengthening Institution Title III, Parts B and F program grants: HBCU, HBGI, and FUTURE (Fostering Undergraduate Talent Using Resources for Education). Title III funds project activities designed to meet the goals of Preeminence 2030, the University’s strategic plan.


The mission of the Title III Office at North Carolina A&T State University is to provide regulatory compliance in the management of federal dollars awarded to the University under the Title III, Parts B & F program, which was designed to establish or strengthen academic quality, fiscal stability, student services and outcomes, and institutional management.

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University’s Title III Program is linked to the overall mission of the institution.

An 1890 land-grant doctoral high research activity university, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University prepares students to advance the human condition and facilitate economic growth in North Carolina and beyond by providing a preeminent and diverse educational experience through teaching, research, and scholarly application of knowledge.

Specifically, the goal of the Title III Program is to ensure that these funds are used to support the quality and enhancement of our academic program consistent with all applicable federal and university policies. The Chancellor serves as the principal visionary in the design and structure of the Title III Program. Through his leadership, it is expected that Title III support will be used to help eliminate impediments that negatively impact educational access and opportunities for North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University students. Funded Title III programs are specifically focused on improving academic quality, institutional management, fiscal stability, and student services.


Title III Office, North Carolina A&T State University, 1020 E. Wendover Avenue, Suite 104, Greensboro, NC 27411
Phone #: (336) 256-2018
Email: Title3Admin @ ncat.edu