HBCU Program

Improving Retention and Enhancing Student Achievement Through Quality Advising and Supplemental Course Instruction

The Center for Academic Excellence is using funds to: (1) centralize needed services in order to create a community of support for students; (2) ensure quality academic advising and referrals to appropriate on- and off-campus services (personal counseling, health and wellness, financial aid, readmission, etc.); and (3) collaborate with the Academy for Teaching and Learning, deans, department chairs and faculty to improve instruction in high failure courses.

Activity Director: Dr. Wanda Lester
Email: lesterw@ncat.edu
Phone: (336) 334-7977

Enhancing the Campus Information Technology Infrastructure

This activity is using funds to move the campus network infrastructure to a converged network carrying video, voice and data. Funds are also being used to deploy Voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology. In order to receive maximum return on investment, our ultimate goal is to move towards unified communications, which is the assimilation of instant messaging, email, telephony, videoconferencing, fax services, etc. into a single application.

Activity Director: Mrs. Renee Martin
Email: martinr@ncat.edu
Phone: (336) 334-7440

Establishment of an Educational Endowment Trust Fund

Grant funds are being used to assist the University with the building of the endowment funds for student scholarships and endowed chairs in the Department of Political Science and the Academy of Teaching and Learning. The University Advancement office is also using funds to strengthen its infrastructure through intensive training in order to improve and enhance the University’s capabilities for obtaining optimum external support.

Activity Director: Mr. Robert Pompey
Email: rpompey@ncat.edu
Phone: (336) 334-7235

Strengthening the Honors Program

The Honors Program is using funds to meet Program goals of ensuring that our best students receive a stimulating, high quality education throughout their college years, provide models for student development that can be implemented elsewhere on campus, enhance the Program’s already high retention and graduation rates, leverage campus and community resources in new ways that benefit undergraduate students, better prepare students for research careers, and increase the number of A&T students who go to graduate school.

Activity Director: Dr. Michael Cundall
Email: mcundall@ncat.edu
Phone: (336) 285-2030 

Enhancing and Strengthening Academic Programs in Environmental Ethics, Environmental Justice and GIS for Environmental Management

This activity is using funds to enhance and strengthen academic programs in Environmental Ethics and Philosophy, Environmental Justice, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Environmental Management and 40 Hour Hazmat Training. Funds are also being used for faculty development and for iWMI faculty to attend major environmental conferences to gain additional knowledge for the benefit of our students.

Activity Director: Dr. Godfrey Uzochukwu
Email: uzo@ncat.edu
Phone: (336) 334-7030

Enhancement of the Teacher Education Candidates Performance

The School of Education is using funds to design courses for freshmen that provide instruction in the analytical skills that are assessed on Praxis I, especially in the areas of mathematics, reading and writing. Developmental instruction will be provided in reading, writing and mathematics to strengthen content and provide an understanding of the structure of those basic skills. Moreover, courses are being offered that align content to analytical reasoning, critical thinking and problem solving skills. Sessions provide for small groups and individuals to work with faculty on projects and experiences that provide opportunities to prepare for standardized tests.

Activity Director: Dr. William B. Harvey
Email: wbharvey@ncat.edu
Phone: (336) 285-4431

Enhancement for Nursing Students’ Performance on NCLEX-RN

The School of Nursing is using funds to ensure the success of first time writers for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) and increase the number of graduates through improved retention during the junior and senior academic years. This is being accomplished through "academic skill enhancement" and "retention during the junior year".

Activity Director: Dr. Inez Tuck
Email: ituck@ncat.edu
Phone: (336) 334-7750 

Strengthening the Global Learning Environment of Campus and Curriculum

International Programs is using funds to assist in strengthening and supporting academic programs abroad and at NCA&T; evaluating, strengthening and growing existing overseas partnerships; and creating new partners for student and faculty exchange. HBCUs are underrepresented in providing an international education to its graduates. Students who study abroad return more focused, more mature, with skill sets that allow them to adjust to other cultures and environments.

Activity Director: Mrs. Minnie Battle Mayes
Email: minniem@ncat.edu
Phone: (336) 334-7104

Strengthening Faculty Development to Improve Student Learning Outcomes and Enhancement of Library Services

This activity is using funds to support: (1) on-campus training workshops and institutes, (2) faculty development travel to conferences, workshops and short courses, (3) development of faculty learning communities, especially those aimed at improving student learning outcomes in freshman-level University Studies courses and high-failure-rate courses throughout the university, (4) allow faculty to work towards doctoral degrees, and (5) enhancement of library services through book and electronic resource renewal.

Activity Director: Dr. Scott Simkins
Email: simkinss@ncat.edu
Phone: (336) 334-7705

AACSB Maintenance Accreditation - Focus on Excellence

This activity is using funds to assist the School to maintain AACSB accreditation in order to promote academic excellence with respect to the educational rigor necessary to prepare students for intensely competitive global business environment and to enhance the scholarly productivity and effectiveness of business faculty.

Activity Director: Dr. Beryl McEwen
Email: mcewenb@ncat.edu
Phone: (336) 334-7657 

Maintaining a Responsive Learning Environment in the School of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

The University has charged the School to improve it classrooms, labs, and instructional technologies. This activity is using funds to renovate and upgrade laboratory facilities to enhance our ability to attract and retain students and seek sponsored opportunities to demonstrate and test the application of computer-aided products which is a vital component of many course offerings.

Activity Director: Dr. Donald McDowell
Email: mcdowedr@ncat.edu
Phone: (336) 334-7979

Project Administration

It is the responsibility of the Title III Administration to ensure orderly and systematic procedures for planning, implementing and evaluating activities in a cost effective mode that complies with Department of Education, State and University regulations. Programs are focused on enhancing academic, administrative services, physical plant, endowment and students service programs at the University.

Activity Director: Dr. Kim T Chavis
Email: ktchavis@ncat.edu
Phone: (336) 256-2018 



Web Redesign

The University is using funds to redesign the university’s web site to meet the needs of administrative and academic divisions to include each school and college. The redesign will include an appropriate content management system, web site analytics, a search engine, and branded web templates to comply with industry and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards.

Activity Director: Mr. Robert Pompey
Email: rpompey@ncat.edu
Phone:(336) 334-7235

Emergency Management and Preparedness

The University is using funds in order to be prepared to respond to a crisis situation with the assistance of our community partners. Three priority areas include the Emergency Siren System., Information Technology set up for the Chancellor’s Crisis Group Center and a Mobile Data Center.

Activity Director: Mr. Glenn C. Newell
Email: gcnewell@ncat.edu
Phone: (336) 334-7128

Financial Trading Room

The School of Business & Economics seeks funds to expand use of the financial trading room for student use through simulations and data-based research so that they are better able to develop an integrated understanding of complicated concepts related to risk management, financial analysis, economic modeling, and strategic decision making.

Activity Director: Dr. Beryl McEwen
Email: mcewenb@ncat.edu
Phone: (336) 334-7657

Implementing Critical Thinking-Learning to Make Informed Decisions, the SACS Quality Enhancement Plan

The QEP is using funds to change student behavior in critical thinking through instructional design, curriculum integration and assessment. Specific learning outcomes will focus on students’ abilities to analyze critical thought, evaluate information, and design strategies to solve problems.

Activity Director: Dr. Lea Williams
Email: lewilli1@ncat.edu
Phone: (336) 334-7006

Pre-Professional Scholars Program (PPSP)

The PPSP is using funds to produce scholars who will be highly competitive candidates for entry into professional schools and to improve the intellectual climate for Science, Technology, Mathematics and Engineering (STEM) students with a specific focus on pre-professional programs.

Activity Director: Dr. C. Dinitra White
Email: cdwhite@ncat.edu
Phone: (336) 258-2192


STEM Initiative

The STEM Initiative is using funds as a community outreach to give middle and high schools students the opportunity to develop the requisite STEM skills to compete at regional and state levels. Project activities includes allowing middle and high school students to participate in robotics workshops and in several cases formed robotics teams for competition to increase their interest in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics fields.

Activity Director: Dr. Marcia Williams
Email: marcia@ncat.edu
Phone: (336) 285-2640


Middle Grades Education – Math & Science

The School of Education is using funds to establish a middle school education degree and licensure program to improve public education through the production of more and better teachers in the high need are of middle school mathematics and science education.

Activity Director: Dr. William B. Harvey
Email: wbharvey@ncat.edu
Phone: (336) 285-4431

Faculty Start-Up Funding

The University is using funds to provide new research faculty with start-up packages to include computers, equipment for laboratories and travel to professional meetings. Developing highly competent and satisfied faculty will serve an impetus that responds to the needs of our students and society.

Activity Director: Ms. Mary Mims
Email: mimsm@ncat.edu
Phone: (336) 334-7085

Strategic Capital Improvements/Acquisitions

The University is using funds to upgrade a number of labs on campus to enhance student learning and also acquire properties adjacent to the campus to improve the University footprint.

Activity Director: Mr. Robert Pompey
Email: rpompey@ncat.edu
Phone: (336) 334-7587