Marching to Success

Marching to Success is a collaborative initiative between The Division of Student Affairs and The Center for Academic Excellence. This program was designed to serve as an academic support system for members of the Blue and Gold Marching Machine (BGMM) to ensure high academic standards through various retention methods and interventions.

Target Population

Our primary focus is New Freshman members of the Blue and Gold Marching Machine. However, the success and retention of our Upperclassmen members are still tracked through graduation. Additionally, all members of the band are expected to utilize the Study Hall and Tutoring services  available.

Program Initiatives

  • Members will attend College Success (FRST 101)  as a cohort to learn how to navigate NC A&T and the band during their first year.
  • Members will participate in Study Hall and/or Tutoring sessions.
  • Upperclassman members will provide peer mentoring and tutoring as needed, to New Freshman members.


Marching to Success Program Contact:  Lorraine W. Cook, or  336-285-4241


Blue and Gold Marching Machine Contacts: 

Dr. Kenneth Ruff, Band Director,

Ms. Choni Arri, Operation Manager,

Mr. Jerhod Gist, Retention/Recruitment Advisor,