Online Teaching Weekly Check-Ins 

Each Wednesday at Noon and Thursday at 6:00 pm, the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) hosts a 1-hour session to discuss best practices in online teaching. The sessions are facilitated by the CTE Director or a Digital Learning Faculty Fellow, along with a faculty member with expertise in an online learning topic of interest. The facilitator offers research-based information that is then discussed in an open forum with facultyPast topics include: 

  • Teaching Models for Fall: Hybrid Blended and Flipped 
  • Alternative Assessments 
  • Incorporating Academic Integrity Online 
  • Video Tips and Techniques 
  • Ten Best Online Teaching Practices 
  • Managing the Online Teaching Workload 
  • Motivating and Retaining Students Online 

Online Check-Ins can be accessed from the Online Faculty Commons Communities of Practice on Blackboard.