Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) 

The Center for Teaching Excellence offers a plethora of services and programs designed to enhance the teaching skills of faculty at NCAT. The CTE offers: 

  • Consultations 
  • Workshops and Seminars 
  • New Faculty Institutes 
  • Book Clubs 
  • Speaker Events 
  • Online Teaching Weekly Check-Ins 
  • A Faculty Fellows Program

The CTE works with ITTD (Instructional Technology Training Development) to offer relevant trainings and events centered on improving classroom and online teaching across campus. More information about the CTE and ITTD are located in the Online Faculty Commons Community of Practice which is located in Blackboard. The CTE and ITTD workshop schedule, general information about lesson planning, handouts from the Online Teaching Check-ins, all CTE workshop materials, and information about upcoming special events can also be found there.

The CTE is located in the Faculty Commons, a space dedicated to faculty development across campus. It features a state-of-the-art classroom and lounge area for faculty study and meetings along with the CTE Director’s office and the Office of the ADVANCE Institutional Transformation (IT) Project which focuses on gender, leadership and research equity. 

Register for Training 

For more information, contact: 

Dr. Audrey M. Dentith, Director
Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) or 336-285-3043