In cases where a formal complaint of misconduct is filed, the Title IX Coordinator will appoint at least one investigator to gather the facts and evidence about the complaint. Parties will get written notice informing them that an investigation will be conducted, and will be provided with the name of the assigned investigator.   

Title IX investigations must be fair and equitable. Any rights or opportunities that the University makes available to one party during the investigation should be made available to the other party on equal terms.  

Title IX investigators are trained to conduct sexual misconduct investigations and will do so in a prompt, impartial, and thorough manner. Investigators may obtain and study police records, social media posts, campus security reports, videos, text messages, emails, student records, employee personnel files, and other relevant documents or evidence. Investigators will attempt to talk to both the reporting party (accuser) and responding party (person accused of misconduct), and will want to talk with individuals who may be witnesses.