Initial Assessment and Intake

The steps in the Title IX Coordinator’s initial assessment include: 

  • If notice is given, the Title IX Coordinator will seek to determine if the person impacted wants to make a formal complaint and will assist them to do so, if desired. 
  • If they do not wish to make a formal complaint, the Title IX Coordinator determines whether to initiate a complaint based on a risk assessment focused on threat to health and/or safety. 
  • If a formal complaint is received, the Title IX Coordinator assesses its sufficiency and works with the Complainant to make sure it is correctly completed. 
  • The Title IX Coordinator contacts the Complainant to offer supportive measures and explain the Title IX process and the Complainant’s rights and the right to have an Advisor.  
  • The Title IX Coordinator works with the Complainant to determine whether the Complainant prefers a supportive and remedial response, an informal resolution, or a formal investigation and grievance process.