Parade Entries

2024 Homecoming Parade is Coming! 

Public Entry Types

First Vehicle Unit:          $225

One vehicle; includes, but is not limited to, one car, truck, or one float.
**This can include people who can safely fit into the vehicle and no more than 7 people

Performance/Walking Group Only:

**No instruments, No Vehicle(s)
1-25 people                         $125

26-50 people                      $150

51-75 people                      $175

76-125 people                     $200

Vehicle with Group:      $350

One vehicle with 8-40 people OR Two vehicles

Small Group:                    $400

One vehicle with 40+ people OR 3-6 vehicles

Large Group:                   $500

7-10 vehicles

A&T Recognized and Registered Organizations

**More information to follow**

No Vehicle:                       Fee Waived

Vehicles:                            $60 per vehicle

Float:                                 $850


This is for any group that will be playing instruments, including those high school, middle school, and community organizations. The category is maxed at 14 band entries and 6 drum line entries. AN AUTHORIZATION CODE IS NEEDED, please contact