Annual Giving Phonathon FAQ and Tips

N.C. A&T wants to stay connected with our alumni by ensuring that we have their most current contact information and by keeping them updated on the exciting achievements and events taking place in Aggieland. The Phonathon is also used to raise funds for various designations around campus to support the advancement of N.C. A&T. We fundraise for scholarships to award to deserving students, books for the library, and upgraded technology to support our mission in research, among other initiatives.

Each semester, 20 current N.C. A&T students are interviewed, hired, and trained to work this on-campus job at the Aggie Call Center as Call Center Representatives. These ambitious Aggies are currently studying in all academic programs from each classification, and involved in a wide range of campus and community activities.

Most calls last about 5 minutes on an average, but varies dependent upon your availability. Our callers really enjoy hearing stories about your time at A&T, and sharing their current experiences. Many students are also interested in seeking input from the alumni concerning their education or career aspirations. Let your caller know that you have just a few moments if time is an issue for you; he or she will respect your time constraints.

The Aggie Call Center operates Monday-Thursday 5:30pm-9:00pm and on Sunday 4:00pm-8:00pm.

The system we use at the Aggie Call Center is set up with an automated dialer, so each time we fail to reach you, or are unable to complete the call if you are unavailable at the moment, your phone number is recycled in the system and you will receive another call within the next few days. To complete your call, we ask that you take about 5 minutes of your free time to speak with our callers.

Our calling software is set to wait for a certain number of rings before moving on to the next call, so when you pick up the phone and no one is there, we've probably just missed you. We apologize for this inconvenience, and we will try to reach you again soon.

For all that a university hopes to accomplish, there can be no greater goal than to provide students with the opportunity to receive an excellent education. Your annual gifts directly impacts today’s A&T students as well as future generations of Aggies. Ongoing annual gifts provide flexible support that allows investment in strategic priorities throughout the year.

Gifts from alumni, parents, friends, faculty, staff and students strengthen our ability to serve students with scholarships, programming, curriculum enhancements, study abroad experiences, technology updates, and more.

First, please know that we would truly appreciate a gift of any amount as every dollar and every donor counts. We are mostly interested in your participation, and appreciative of your support. Consider making a gift in the amount that it costs to buy coffee for the week, or the cost of a pizza. Our callers will help make the giving process easy for you, and we have many payment levels, methods and schedules to fit your comfort level. Whatever the size, show your Aggie Pride by participating in the Annual Giving Campaign.

If you are truly unable to give, please allow our Call Center Representative to update your contact information so that we can avoid sending N.C. A&T publications to the wrong place; then let the caller know that you won't be able to make a gift this year.

For more information or to make a gift contact us (Toll-Free) at 1-888-248-2821.

  • Please consider how much you would like to give in this year’s Annual Giving Campaign. Committing to a specified pledge amount allows for N.C. A&T to plan and budget around the funds we can anticipate receiving. If you are unsure of the total amount you plan to give, make a pledge of the minimum amount you are sure to give, and feel free to increase your gift later if you decide to do so.
  • Please consider giving by credit/debit card, or by processing a check over the phone. These payment methods are extremely helpful because we can fund campus priorities right away and it will help us in our efforts to “Go Green.” Using any of our payment options over the phone also simplifies things for you, because you won't have to remember to send a check. If you're concerned about paying the full gift amount at once, we are more than happy to set up a payment schedule. We can also schedule a future processing date on whatever date that you choose.
  • N.C. A&T is looking forward to receiving your committed support to keep our university moving ahead. Please be sure to submit your gifts to our office by June 30th to receive credit for the current fiscal year and to be sure your name is published as a donor in the next Annual Chancellor’s Report.