Whistle Blower Policy

The North Carolina A&T University Foundation Inc., in accordance with state law, encourages its employees to report to their supervisor, department head or other appropriate authority evidence of activity where ethics are compromised.

What is Evidence of Compromised Ethics?

Ethics are compromised where there is:

  • A violation of State or federal law, rule or regulations
  • A violation of foundation policy or procedures
  • Fraud
  • Misappropriation of resources
  • Substantial and specific danger to the public health and safety, or
  • Gross mismanagement, a gross waste of monies or gross abuse of authority

How Are Violations Reported?

The foundation's employees may call the N.C. A&T State University’s Internal Auditor’s Office at 336-334-7910 or the State’s Auditor’s Hotline at 1-800-730-TIPS to provide a confidential report of instances of suspected non-compliance outside the normal chain of command in a manner that preserves confidentiality and assures non-retaliation. Although direct discussion with the employee’s supervisor, department head or other appropriate authority is preferable, in some instances employees may feel the need for a more confidential and anonymous method to express good faith concerns about non-compliance.


Employees who calls N.C. A&T’s Internal Auditor’s Office or the State’s hotline may remain anonymous. If an employee requests anonymity, no attempt will be made to identify the employee. Information provided by the employee will be treated as confidential and privileged to the extent permitted by applicable laws.


The hotline is not intended for employee grievances, such as complaints concerning working conditions; performance evaluations; and hours of work, wages or merit raises. Employees with complaints which do not fall within this policy are advised to pursue normal administrative procedures.

Investigation Procedures

Reports made to the hotline will be made available to specific individuals at the university who have been charged with evaluating and investigating the complaints received. These individuals understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality and investigating reports as appropriate.

Retaliation and False Claims

State law prohibits retaliation against an employee who reports any activity described above unless the employee knows or has reason to believe that the report is inaccurate. Employees who intentionally and maliciously use the hotline to make false allegations will be subject to dismissal.