Gifts and Donations Policy

The objective is to provide secure handling of checks, cash, etc. for acceptance by the foundation. To process gifts, grants, donations and contributions as designated by the donor.

Gifts, etc. are submitted by donors and accepted by the foundation for the purposes as designated by the donor. Checks should be made payable to the N.C. A&T University Foundation Inc.

Documents should include the donor's letter and/or transmittals designating the department, school and/or college, purpose and other specific instructions, as well as other specific criteria related to the gift.

Receipts and acknowledgments are generated within 48 hours after the gift is accepted by the foundation. The receipt and acknowledgments should include the date, receipt number, amount, name and address of the donor, and purpose of the gift.

Donors may specify the terms, conditions and criteria of their gifts. The gift may state investment purposes. Any gift received, which may cause a hardship or may cause the foundation to lose its tax exempt status, should be reviewed by the chief operating officer and executive director.