Young Alumni Council (YAC)

Roles and Responsibilities

Purpose: The Young Alumni Council (YAC) serves as change agents who understand the mission, vision and goals of the university by assisting with bridging the gap between the University and young alumni through awareness, connection and involvement.

Mission: To create a pipeline of more engaged young alumni for a lifetime.

YAC's aim is to assist in the areas of professional development, networking, community service and philanthropy. Within the board, there are six regional representatives who assist with program planning with their committee members for young alumni living in Greensboro, Charlotte, Raleigh/Durham, District of Columbia/Maryland/Virginia, Tidewater/Richmond and New York/New Jersey.

Council Members:

2020-2022 Young Alumni Council Members

Lisa R. Pratt



Vice Chair

Chester Williams

Philanthropy Chair

Janae Etienne

Charlotte Regional Representative

Toddy Lattimore

DMV Regional Representative

Sasha Campbell

Greensboro Regional Representative

William Saunders

New York/New Jersey Regional Representative

Terrence C. Morrison

Raleigh/Durham Regional Representative

Annette Sparks

Tidewater Regional Representative


Follow the Young Alumni Council on Instagram at @NCATYAC and if you have any questions, please email