College of Science and Technology

Student Tutoring and Other Support Services

We are committed to providing services that you need to succeed while at North Carolina A&T State University. The following are highly recommended services on campus:

The Center for Academic Excellence offers

Other Services Available

  • The University Writing Center and Composition Central offer writing assistance and tutoring.
  • The Math Learning Resource Center provides tutoring for those who need help in math. We encourage all of our students to attend weekly math tutorials as you attend your classes.
  • The library is a great place to study and gather peer-reviewed literature. The library stays open late and would be ideal for gathering a group of classmates for late night studying. Review what Bluford Library has to offer to our School of Technology students.
  • The Residence Halls have scheduled programs as well as on-going study halls for students to obtain the help needed to be successful.

Success Workshops

The College of Science and Technology offers Success Workshops for all enrolled students. The schedule is bi-weekly and will be sent via e-mail to your NCAT email. We look forward to meeting all of you at the sessions. Let's have a successful semester!

Student Advisement

Faculty Advisors

Faculty Advisors have been put in place in each department to assist students in persisting towards graduation. You will see your faculty advisor usually during the following times:

  • During the advisement period that prepares you to register for classes
  • During times when you are having difficulty with classes
  • During each semester to stay on track

Find out who has been assigned as your advisor through Aggie Access. If no one is listed go to your department chair's office.

Retention Advisement

Retention Advising is a process of promoting student success through academic planning and personal guidance.

The Retention Advisor will assist you with:

  • Academic Concerns
  • Communicating with your Professors

Monitoring your Academic Progress

Technology and Innovation Living Learning Community

These communities are sponsored by the division of Student Affairs, Residential Living. The goal is to have new freshman live in the dorm on the same floor and programming around their vested interest. In this case, it is "Technology". The students meet weekly for workshops to help them navigate the University and at the same time develop a bond with their classmates. The bonding helps with study groups, someone to share the transition period of going to college, and a social friend. We are very proud of our living learning community and the students continue to be amazing!