College of Science and Technology



The Department of Physics provides highly competitive graduate and undergraduate education in physics, in order to produce able and capable physicists who are trained in the art of critical thinking, problem solving, independent learning and practical skills to meet the technical and scientific challenges in state and federal government, industry and academia and the growing demands of interdisciplinary research.


The Department of Physics is committed to be a place of excellence in education, research and community service, and to achieve national recognition, distinction and preeminence. It aims at positioning itself to play a critical and leading role in building a research-intensive Interdisciplinary University. The Department is committed to be an essential unit of the College of Science and Technology central to the focus of the University in the discovery of new basic science, the development and exploitation of that science across traditional boundaries and disciplines, and the integration of the new knowledge and techniques of discovery into the educational process.

Degrees Offered

  • Bachelor in Science
    • Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology
    • Physics (with concentrations in)
      • Biological Physics
      • Engineering Physics
      • Interdisciplinary Physics
      • Secondary Education (Physics Education)

Contact Info

Helen Clark,
Administrative Assistant
Marteena Hall, 101
(336) 285-2105